Works by illustrators are in especially high demand, and we are seeking to expand our offering with new works from a broad variety of illustrators.

The work of illustraStock’s illustrators offers our clients the highest of quality. This implies the highest digital standards along with iconic styles, immediate visual impact, and compelling narratives or conceptual themes. Our clients expect nothing less. If you feel your work meets these criteria, we’d be happy to hear from you.

How illustraStock Works with Illustrator contributor

Being a partner of illustraStock means you will have a worldwide audience for the professional licensing of your images. illustraStock provides the platform and reach to effectively represent, manage, and market digital images of your work worldwide, to clients of all sizes and in all global markets. We sell digital images – we do not trade in, sell, or manage any physical artworks themselves.

The work of illustraStock’s artists are reviewed and managed by specialists. Only illustrations meeting the highest technical and visual standards are accepted. Relationships with our illustrator and are coordinated via a several online portals, one for each collection. Via each portal, our artists review their contract, upload and keyword images, receive royalty statements, view market trends, and have access to myriad professional and technical resources.

Payout Info:

You will be receive earnings, paid monthly, each time one of the approved vectors of the Collection is downloaded by a illustraStock customer. What you earn depends on the numbers of downloads of the collection (your work together with other illustrators work) and your number of approved submissions. We have many different customers, and the more images you upload to your gallery, the more money you can earn. For more detailed information about our payouts, please reference our Commision program.

illustraStock Collaborator Agreement

How to Submit a Portfolio

If you are interested in collaboration by illustraStock, please email us directly at and tell us about yourself and your work. For all correspondence to this address, please make sure to include your name in the subject line. You can submit any information you’d like with no boring forms to fill out (but no attachments, please). Make sure to provide a link to a website that offers an overview of your art, and allows for the viewing of sufficiently sized images. We want to be able to review your work in the best possible environment.

E-mails received with no links to images, will be immediately rejected. And please keep in mind, if you do not have commercial-quality digital images of your work for submission, please do not submit your portfolio until you do. DO NOT ATTACH JPEGS OR OTHER FILES TO YOUR SUBMISSION – LINKS ONLY PLEASE.

Once we review your work you will be contacted directly if your work meets our criteria, and you will receive further communications about signing the agreement, submitting your work, and next steps.


First submission:

As a first step we recommend you to read this blog article:
As a contributor you may only upload work that is owned and/or controlled by you. For an initial review you must submit a batch of exactly 10 vectors. If at least 1 of the 10 submitted vectors are accepted, you will be notified of acceptance and can submit as many images as you wish. If less than 1 image is accepted, a waiting period is required before the next 10 images can be uploaded for review. Please keep in mind that the initial review process for images can take up to 10 business days.

All content is reviewed by professionals with significant experience in the creative sector who review on an individual basis with guidelines set by illustraStock. Our reviewer team’s philosophy is based on a number of variables with customer satisfaction as a principle theme. As such it is possible that they have different views about what is acceptable content. Our reviewers inspect all images at 100% for quality guidelines. We recommend that you do the same with your content prior to submission in order to avoid unnecessary rejections.

How to submit vectors:

A vector submission requires you to upload two files at the same time: An .ai file and a small .png version with the exact same file name. We accept .ai files that are compatible with Adobe Illustrator 10 (cs5). Is not mandatory to create the illustrations from our templates, but for your best you must use it. The PNG version should be 300 dpi.

We have published a complete set of instructions for uploading vectors online with visuals included here


If your images are accepted they will be posted online for our subscribers to download. It may take several days to be fully processed on our site, and for keyword searches to function in all categories and settings. If you cannot locate certain images, please email us the image ID number of each missing image.


Due to heightened security concerns, we require that all contributors verify their address and identity by uploading an official government-issued photo identification for review as part of the registration process.

Please Join Us

Are you a realist or abstract artist, or do you defy easy categorization? Are you a high-profile gallery headliner, or is your mom your only fan (so far)? Regardless, we will consider your work. illustraStock believes that illustrations with visual impact and strong licensing appeal can come in all packages and from all directions.

If you have any question, we could talk in our channel in Slack. Request to be in.

We look forward to seeing your work –

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