The idea of illustraStock was born while watching a video about Eboy isometric city. This kind of drawings show how elements could be perfectly used in making a city. Pursuint that Tile-Based approach, our aim is to create a stock repository of illustrations where each visual element is broken down into smaller pieces of a standard size where users without design skills could arrange it into a scene. is the place where people could find various kinds of illustrations for many uses. The idea is to create a huge database with thousands of objects in that everything can be rehuse and combine and create new scenes or illustrations. And because we also offer the vector version of the illustration, it can be used with editing programs allowing the easily modification for profesional use.

illustraStock is a stock of illustrations with 4 collections (Icon, OpenCity, Perspective and 3Dimensions) in 2 base styles. Hand Made Doodle and Basic. Each collection offer the illustrations in 5 categories (Templates, Assets, People, Nature and Scenographies)

All the illustrations are created as illustration components and thanks to the Style Guide, are standardised for each collection, created as it would be easy to put them together, edit, create small compositions, etc. We use diferent projections or perspectives in each collection for the visual representation of three-dimensional objects in two dimensions. Each element should be draw precisely in the same style to be able to use them together.

Our uniqueness of the other web companies is offering thousands of illustrations with possibility to use it as our clients wish. We have to remember that our target group is very wide – from professional video games makers to teachers without any knowledge about the editing programs. This leads us to broad thinking and creating illustrations adjusted to easy, simple use.

A set of illustrations with thousands of illustrations with a common style can not develop without a prior work of organizing and cataloging based on categories, Keywords and Tags. It is necessary to provide the materials in an accessible way that allows to quickly find what is required because unlike the other stocks of illustrations, in illustraStock can only find an item once. Classification systems use data from the United Nations, European Union, United Kingdom and the United States through its home inventory in each of the diferrentes classificaciones for different categories.

Each one of our Items is made by one or several Elements from one common topic or Backgrounds ( is what sets the stage for the illustrator). One Item can it be also an scene where independent objects are composited together, with other elements such as a background.

Characters are created according to certain standards. We provide four-way movement and some specific positions of the job.

Doodle style was chosen for its’ simplicity and nice looking.

We offer 3 types of illustrations:

  • Sprites are a set of combined illustrations, usually used for objects or states of a sequenced character or components that can be animated.
  • Tilesets are a set of mosaic blocks, related and non-animated elements based on grids that can be used to create scenes in a flexible and dynamic way. They are generally used for landscapes or for an interior view of the architectural elements.
  • Scenes represent an action that occurs in one place and continuous time. Scenes typically consist of multiple Discrete Modules designed and optimized to extend and modify, providing a significant amount of flexibility and / or variation while being able to be separated in their Modules and Elements. If you create different versions, you should have a theme of cohesion / aesthetics between the different variations.